Understanding Facial Cleansing

Cleansing is the first step we take in our facial routine. It is the most important step we take to clean the skin and prepare it for all our other products without drying it out.

There are lots of different types of cleansers:
Non-foaming gels – ok for young skin. No sodium lauryl sulphate!
milks – gentle, runny and usually quite mild – good for all skin types
lotions – a little thicker than milks, but very similar.
balms – plant based, greasy and great for slightly older/dry skin
oils – great for all skins – they don’t disturb the acid mantle.
wipes – a real no no as they contain mineral oil. Not good for faces.
micellar water – only in emergencies please.

So, let’s start with your evening cleanse. This should be a double cleanse – I start with a balm (I love the Monu Skins balm) – this is great for removing make up including eye make up because it is plant based an slightly greasy, in the best possible way! It removes all your make up in a few seconds. Massage well, then remove with a cleansing cloth soaked in warm water, or damp cotton wool pads, or a spotlessly clean flannel. After this, you are ready for a second cleanse to get your skin really clean before applying your night time products – so important, as this is the time when your skin repairs itself while you sleep.

I like to use a different texture for my second cleanse. I tend to use a cleansing oil, but you could use a milk or balm. This is the cleanse that makes sure your skin is clean, balanced and comfortable. A sixty second cleanse is good, using tiny upward circles. Remember to include your neck, as the neck is an area to quickly show our age. Once again remove with your cleansing cloth soaked in fresh warm water, damp cotton wool or your flannel. Gently pat dry your skin ready to apply your night time products.
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Monu cleansing balm – £47.95
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17 August 2020