The Eyes are the Window to the soul.

Our eyes can tell medical experts what is going on in our bodies, That’s a scary thought!

Here are a few examples :

A bad diet, too much salt or caffeine, too much alcohol – puffy eyes, dehydrated areas around the eyes.

Problems with your lymph drainage system – dark circles

Liver Problems – yellow discolouration of the eyes.

No matter what the adverts say, a topical cream or gel would be hard pressed to sort out a magical fix for the above problems, but what it will do along with a great concealer is to temporarily mask some of the above problems. Any ethical brand of eye products will tell you that the effects of a product will wear off if you stop using it.

I like a separate eye product that is designed to use around the eye area because I wear contact lenses and find that these products are gentle and much thinner than my other facial products, so don’t cause a problem with red and runny eyes. Heavy formulas in most facial creams are not suitable for this delicate area. For these reasons, I choose to use a thin formular that is dedicated to the eye area.

Only use a very small amount of eye cream around the eyes so as not to cause irritation. Products that are highly fragranced can also cause a problem. If you are in the more mature age group, an eye gel might be a good move to slightly tighten this area during the day. Save the slightly more serum/eye cream type products for the evening. I personally love this Forever Living Awakening eye cream – see the link – because it seems to be a mixture of cream and gel, and contains peptides that we know are great for more mature skin. I also find that it does not cause runny eyes – not a good look, and at £17.72, it’s great value. Great for fine lines, smooths and firms, reduces puffiness and dark circles – an all time great product available from me through the link above, or phone 07840 640240! I’ve tried many more expensive products but found that this is the one for me. Great on the top lip area too to help reduce those fine lines – incidentally, avoid drinking out of straws and bottles and of course avoid smoking if you want to keep those top lip lines down.

Another great product for reducing runny eye is our Forever Arctic Seas £29.11for 120 capsules. My optician told me the reason I had stopped having dry eye(this makes your eyes run believe it or not) was because I was taking Omega 3 fatty acids in this product. I don’t need to use eye drops for dry eye anymore and my eyes don’t run when it’s a windy cold day !!!! – what an easy fix . An added bonus is that my eye makeup stays in place, no mascara on my cheeks anymore. If you want any more help with your eye cream and make up problems, I’m always available for a chat.

This is our lovely Arctic Sea product.

22 September 2020